Creekside Creamery butters are produced exclusively in small batches at our AIB inspected and USDA approved facility to ensure the highest quality products.

The AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety were published as a tool to permit food processors to evaluate the food safety risks within their operations and to determine levels of compliance with the criteria in the Standards. These Standards have criteria and rating methods used to assign a numerical score to the plant. For more details, go to www.aibonline.org.


All of Creekside’s butters start with all natural pasteurized cream to give them a richer taste and smoother texture. Our butter is sometimes referred to as the European Style butter but is actually made in the United States. It is made with a higher fat content than most American butter. Regular butter contains 80% butterfat. The remaining 20% consists of water and milk solids. Creekside Creamery butter contains 2.5% more butterfat and is slow-churned in a way that creates a lower-moisture, creamier texture than other butters.